The Method


BIUTECS is the innovative method that restores beauty and balance to the hair thanks to the use of pure oxygen. The exclusive combination of Biutecs technology with specific localized treatments will give new shine to your face and hair. Thanks to the thorough trichoscopic analysis of skin and hair, we are able to customize the treatment to make it suitable for everyone’s needs.


The state-of-the-art Biutecs technology uses 95% oxygen. A molecule among the smallest in nature that therefore provides significant advantages compared to cosmetic products that are absorbed only for 5% by hair and skin.

Thanks to the thorough trichoscopic analysis of hair and skin, carried out by a Biutecs specialist through a trico-camera, we are able to analyze each individual case and customize the treatment to make it more suitable for everyone’s needs.

  The advantages of oxygen

  • Increased ability of the active principle of penetration through the skin and the hair
  • Facilitates the absorption of serums and beauty treatments
  • Revascularization of tissues
  • Reorganization of the hydro-lipid component
  • Increased cellular activity
  • Repositioning of the “scales” of the hair cuticle

 Our methodology

  • Free analysis of both the health of the hair and the skin in general
  • Scientific and specialist because the protocol is based on scientific tests and carried out by our specialized staff
  • Effective beacuse based on personalized treatments
  • Pleasant and relaxing because it is not invasive
  • Easy to find: contact us to discover the Biutecs center of your city!